7 Tips for Using Automated Tools for Amazon Sellers

7 Tips for Using Automated Tools for Amazon Sellers

It takes a lot to succeed as an Amazon seller. The constant increase in competition means that you must always look to improve your business plan and keep a watchful eye on other sellers who may be encroaching on your hard-earned territory.

While there’s no one key to succeeding on this site, automated tools for Amazon sellers are crucial. Without them, you’ll only ever be able to handle so much inventory and won’t be able to keep your seller account optimized.

However, before you go purchasing automated tools for Amazon sellers in the hopes of immediate fortune, consider the following tips for ensuring you make the most of them.

Start with Automated Tools for Amazon Sellers That Cover the Basics

There is no lack of tools out there designed to help Amazon sellers with automation. Every year, more and more automated processes are added to that list, too.

Depending on the type of products you sell or the specific challenge you may face at the moment, there are probably certain tools that would be perfect for your unique situation.

Until you’ve covered the basics, though, you should put off purchasing these other types of tools.

When we say “the basics”, we’re referring to things like:

  • Listing Management
  • Optimizing the Backend
  • Protecting Your Seller Rating
  • Monitoring for Refunds

If you ignore any of these priorities, you’ll never make good money on Amazon. However, if you don’t use automated tools for Amazon sellers to handle these basic functions, you’ll find it’s too difficult to make good money for very long.

Begin Using Automated Software Right Away

If you’re brand new to the world of selling on Amazon, it’s understandable that you don’t want to sink a lot of money into it until you learn the ropes. After all, while countless people all over the world love being Amazon sellers, it might not be for you.

That being said, the moment you decide you really want to make a go of it, you need to invest in automated tools for Amazon sellers.

Long gone are the days when people could expect to make decent money on the site by doing everything manually. Even if you were to find an undiscovered niche, you can bet someone will soon join you – and they’ll most likely bring an impressive suite of software with them.

While we’re not recommending to spend a fortune, don’t expect much from selling on Amazon until you have some basic tools on your side.   

You Still Have to Learn How They Work

The best part about automated tools for Amazon sellers is that they free you up to handle the other important functions of your business – things like product procurement that require your personal attention.

Still, take time to really understand how these automated tools work. You want to be sure you’re making the most out of them. All other things being equal, if you and a competitor are using the same type of software, it’s the person who understands it best – and can, thus, get the most from it – who’s going to prove victorious.

Don’t Let Automation Make You Complacent

You also shouldn’t let automated tools for Amazon sellers become a crutch. It takes skill to sell on Amazon – and even the best software can’t make up for a lack of it. 

Again, if you and a competitor have the exact same set of tools, but the other person has a better understanding of how to sell on Amazon, their profits are going to tower over yours.

Although automated software frees you up to do other important tasks, don’t forget that one of task should be constantly refining your skills as an Amazon seller. If you get complacent, your competitors will benefit.

Check to Make Sure Your Tools Are Working Properly

Along the same lines, don’t get too comfortable with your automated tools. As long as you took the time to understand how they work, you probably have nothing to worry about. Nonetheless, you’d hate for months to pass only to find out that your software wasn’t working correctly and now your business is in trouble.

When you first begin using a new platform, regularly check to confirm that it’s working. Depending on what it does, you might have the opportunity to do this every day, or it might be something you only do every couple of weeks.

Whatever the case, make those checks so you’ll know the software is doing what it’s supposed to.

Even after you’re confident it’s working properly, set up calendar reminders to check back at future dates.

Stay Updated on Amazon’s Policies

If you don’t know Amazon’s rules for sellers, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble.

Of course, Amazon changes their rules from time to time, so you need to stay vigilant and keep tabs on them. Following influencers on social media will help a lot with this.

The other reason you need pay attention to any changes to Amazon’s policies is because you want to make sure your automated software is updated to reflect them. Otherwise, the automation could be doing more harm than good without anything to stop it until you finally interfere.

Fortunately, if you pick high-quality software, the manufacturer will definitely be watching Amazon at all times. They’ll be quick to update their products as necessary. Still, a second pair of eyes doesn’t hurt.

When It Comes to Your Customers, Don’t Forget About the Personal Touch

You can automate a lot of important tasks that involve your customers. Removing negative seller feedback is a good example of this. Another popular tool is using an auto-responder so if a customer emails you, they know their message has been received and they’ll have an idea of when they can expect to hear back.

While many of these interactions can be completely entrusted to automated software, don’t forget to add the personal touch whenever possible.

If you have an auto-responder, that’s fine, but make sure that, when you actually do respond, you do so with a personalized email. If you send a generic version that was cobbled together with an automated tool, your customer will think you don’t care.

Automated tools for Amazon sellers can greatly increase your profits and free up your time if you follow the above advice.

At AMZSuite, we offer a three-in-one solution (Inventory Salvager, Refund Rescuer, and Feedback Sentry) that makes it easy for you to make money from Amazon by automating the most important tasks. 




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