The 5 Essential Amazon FBA Tools


There’s a lot that goes into succeeding as an FBA seller. While there’s certainly a learning curve, at some point, you need to invest in Amazon FBA tools as well. Even if you understand everything it takes to be a successful FBA seller, without the right tools, you’ll waste way too much time to be profitable. Fortunately, the following five are all it takes to get started.

Product Listing Software

This is the type of software you’ll use when you first buy new products and want to record them as being in your inventory. You can also use these Amazon FBA tools to track how much you’re making on every SKU you send to Amazon.

One very popular option is InventoryLab. Aside from its many features, you also get access to an exclusive community of fellow sellers, which can be a lot of help.

A Scanning Tool for Scouring Stores

Unless you’re going to make your own products, your collection of Amazon FBA tools absolutely must include a scanning platform for your phone. This is what you’ll use in stores to scan products and find out whether or not you’ll be able to turn a profit with them on Amazon.

Without this type of tool, FBA will be impossible. Scoutify is a great tool and comes with your InventoryLab membership. ASellerTool is another popular option.

USB Barcode Scanner for Your Inventory

Speaking of labels, think about investing in a USB scanner. You can buy one that will plug right into your computer, which will save you a ton of time. Otherwise, you have to type out each UPC code manually. As you can imagine, it’s very easy to make mistakes, especially when you’re doing dozens at a time.

With a UPC scanner, you just place your cursor where you want the number to go, scan the item and press “enter.”

Not only does the Brainydeal USB Automatic Barcode Scanner handle everything you need from one of these devices for FBA purposes, but it’s extremely affordable, too.

A Label Printing Device

Another addition to our list of Amazon FBA tools that you’ll definitely want to invest in is a label printing device. After all, you have to send your items to an Amazon fulfillment center. As the number of items you’re going to send increases, this can become tedious without a device made for this task.

The great thing about going with the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo is that it works in conjunction with InventoryLab and other third-party listing services.

You can also use this machine to print custom labels for things like expiration dates, suffocation warnings, and “this is a set” notifications.

Reputation Management

Part of succeeding with Amazon FBA is securing your reputation. In short, if your reputation suffers, you’ll never reach your profit potential.

While we’re obvious a bit biased, AMZSuite automates the removal of negative feedback, so you benefit from a winning first impression with buyers. It also carries out important tasks like managing damaged inventory, reconciling refunds, and requesting reimbursements. These things don’t just help manage your reputation, they will also protect your profits, too.

There are always going to be plenty of Amazon FBA tools you can invest in. However, the above list of Amazon FBA tools is the bare minimum you’ll need to quickly begin making money with this program.




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