Three ways to get better Amazon reviews


When selling products on Amazon, gaining positive feedback from customers can prove a tricky business.

The fact of the matter is that buyers on any online shopping platform are far more likely to leave feedback on the back of a negative experience rather than a positive one.

This scenario obviously makes it difficult for sellers to keep a favourable reputation. However, there are some simple tips you can follow in order to ensure you catch the eye of potential customers for all the right reasons.

1. Always try to start the conversation

The reason many customers will be more inclined to leave unsolicited feedback on the back of a bad experience is precisely because they expect the buying process to be as uneventful and efficient as possible.

But that doesn’t mean they will not appreciate a little communication from your end.

Approaches such as sending a quick message to let them know the status of their order before they ask will often help to strengthen the relationship between seller and buyer, as will offering any warnings on potential delays.

Keeping your customer as informed as possible throughout the buying process is a fundamental part of being a good seller.

It even continues after the sale is completed, as it is often good practice to ask the seller to leave a good review.

2. Don’t leave bad reviews sitting there

Getting a bad review is, unfortunately, part and parcel of selling online, and there’s often a temptation to leave a dreaded one-star review sitting there, while you turn away and pretend it doesn’t exist.

However, bad reviews should always be handled proactively. Not only does it give you the chance to learn about what you can improve on, but it also promotes an image that you are a seller who really cares about giving your customer the best service.

If customers see that you take criticism seriously, it can be possible to turn a negative review into something more positive.

3. Customer service is full-time, even if you’re not

While you may see selling on Amazon as a casual pursuit, customers are unlikely to accept a part-time approach to customer service. It is imperative that you do not allow your standards in this department to slip.

If a customer asks a question, then you should answer it promptly and honestly. Likewise, if a customer has a complaint. Never be tempted to bend the truth, as this will open you up to bad reviews later down the line.

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