Make more money as an Amazon seller


Could you be losing revenue as an Amazon seller? However great your product is and how controlled your costs are, if you rely solely on Amazon’s automated tools for sellers, then you might be surprised to learn you could be missing out on money that is rightfully yours. So what can you do about it?

Maximise your Amazon profits

Amazon sales of your personalised scrapbooks are going well and you have started using Amazon’s FBA service, as you expand your product line to include personalised frames, cushions, bowls, and one-off ceramics.

With such tight margins, you know that any lost income will eat into your profits. So there are four key areas that you as a seller need to check, if you really want to manage your profitability:

  • Reconciling refunds
  • Removing negative feedback
  • Managing damaged inventory
  • Requesting reimbursements

Amazon use advanced automated tools for sellers, but a quick look at any of the Amazon seller support forums shows you that there are times when Amazon’s seller software gets it wrong.

If you aren’t checking, then you could be losing revenue and giving up some of your hard earned profitability.

Recovering lost Amazon refunds

This might not sound exciting, but this is a crucial way to recover lost revenue. One of the challenges is that Amazon’s refund systems take so long. The process starts with Amazon taking the money out of your seller account, as soon as a buyer makes a refund request on your ceramics. The buyer then has 30 long days to return your unique gifts and finally, once processed, Amazon’s systems will automatically refund the money to your seller account.

Where Amazon seller automation can go wrong is if the customer never returns the red spotted bowl, or it is incomplete or damaged.

If Amazon never refund you then it is down to you as the seller to submit a refund reimbursement request. This means that you need a way to track every refund request over time, and will have to wait even longer to get back the money owed, while your request goes through.

Get rid of unfair feedback

Managing your seller feedback is about more than just your customers, it can impact poorly on your position as a seller with Amazon. What if the negative or neutral feedback is only on your seller account because something went wrong with the Amazon shipment of the buyer’s scrapbook, or a customer was trying to post a product review?

If you monitor your feedback and think you have a case, you can submit a request to Amazon for the negative feedback to be removed.

Why risk your future profitability with Amazon?

Improving your seller rating gets your personalised gifts higher up Amazon’s ranking algorithm. The percentage of orders that have received a negative review is a key factor in your ‘Order defect rate’ (ODR), which Amazon uses to monitor overall seller performance.

Removing unfair feedback helps secure your future as a seller with Amazon, as well as improve your brand visibility and sales.

Recover income from lost and damaged inventory

If your goods get damaged, misplaced or even lost while kept with thousands of other products in Amazon’s warehouses, then you are owed money back. Checking any inventory reimbursements have been made, is another way to make sure your ceramics revenue isn’t lost.

Identifying damaged stock then submitting claims can be time-consuming, but can you risk losing out on recovered income? Would you rather your revenue stayed with Amazon, or was returned to your pocket?

Your time is also money

Now you know all the ways that your seller profitability could be impacted, you want to make sure that you aren’t losing out on money from issues with inventory, refunds, negative feedback and reimbursement requests.

So how much time, money and stress do you think it would take you to manually track every item and sale across all of your personalised gift lines?

Is there an easier way?

AMZSuite’s automated software can recover lost income for you, going back 365 days. Refund Rescuer, Feedback Sentry and Inventory Salvager, all come with a money-back guarantee. Sign-up online or email us to manage your seller profitability, quickly and automatically.




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