Take back control of your seller profitability


To make money selling on Amazon needs more than an amazing product. Your silver shell charms are competing against thousands, so take a proactive approach to managing your profitability.

As a seller, you rely on Amazon’s automatic systems to handle any problems, but what if you are missing out on potential income from your jewellery sales? There are three key areas that you need to watch if you want to make sure that every penny counts. These include handling negative feedback, reconciling any refunds, and for FBA sellers, there is the added issue of missing or damaged inventory.

Sounds simple, but what happens when Amazon’s automated systems get it wrong? Are you willing to let income owed to you slip through the cracks, and stay unrecovered?

Managing your seller reviews

Negative reviews can impact on sales of your silver charms, versus other sellers on the page. Check to see if you can get any unfair feedback removed e.g. if the customer was trying to report an Amazon shipping issue. Consumers look at seller feedback when buying online, so give them another reason to pick you.

Reviews also have an impact on your seller rating with Amazon, so don’t underestimate the importance of feedback to your ongoing profitability, as well as customer sales.

Reconciling tricky refunds

Amazon automatically takes out funds to cover any refund request. If the item isn’t returned, then you need to check those withdrawn funds come back to you.

Inventory issues

If inventory is lost or damaged by Amazon, while it is stored or shipped with thousands of others, then you are due money back. As with reviews and refunds, it is up to the seller to file a claim, where the system has fallen short. Which could mean manually trawling through huge numbers of sales across multiple product lines.

Make your money back

Make your money back

Don’t rely on manual checks to pick up every issue across all of your stock and sales. AMZSuite’s automated tools [https://amzsuite.com/] can manage the whole tedious process for you. Save yourself hassle and email us [support@amzsuite.com] to handle reclaims quickly and automatically.