Refunds income you could be missing out on


However great your product or customer service, when selling there will always be refunds. It may be that the buyer didn’t like the colour of the kitchen tools they ordered, or the pasta tongs got damaged during delivery. Whatever the reason, managing your refunds proactively is a key task in selling profitably on Amazon.

As soon as a customer asks for a refund, Amazon sellers will find the money is taken out from their account. If the customer doesn’t return the item within the 30-days (from delivery) return window, then Amazon’s automatic system should refund the money to your seller account.

All very efficient when it works, but if you rely solely on Amazon’s reimbursement system to automatically return any withheld funds, then you could be missing out. If for some reason the system does not work, then sellers need a way to track that and manually submit a reimbursement request.

How do I get the money back into my account?

So far, so simple. But how easy is it to track if you sell large amounts of kitchen equipment via Amazon? What happens when there is a partial return, with pieces missing (that were tracked as sent to the customer)? Or if there was damage done during delivery?

If you are selling kitchen crockery as well as spatulas and whisks, then you need to keep track across all your different product lines and orders. You can do this by manually checking, which means looking at the data of credits and shipments, as well as any reimbursements. However, this method can certainly make reconciling what has and hasn’t been returned very challenging, and tedious!

Clearly, manually tracking your refund payments can be a time-consuming business if you process a lot of orders. If you do need to file a reimbursement claim, you will then have to wait even longer to get back the money you are owed.

Save yourself time and money

Not sure the missed refund value is worth the effort? AMZSuite’s Refund Rescuer automates the entire tedious process for you, from the time a refund is asked for, through to opening a case through Amazon for you and requesting your money back. What are you waiting for?