Manage your Amazon seller feedback and you manage your profitability


As an Amazon Seller, your ratings and reviews show next to your product/s for all to see. Those five yellow stars act as a virtual “call to buy” for your light-up radio alarms, attracting customers who may be comparing hundreds on one page. If buyers sort by ‘Average Customer Review’, then you really need your colour changing alarms visible, if you want to make the sale.

Your feedback is more than your reputation

It is not only buyers that act on seller feedback. Customer satisfaction is key to a business as large as Amazon, who make tough decisions every day about which products to carry, or where you should rank as a seller. Amazon relies on ‘Customer Metrics’ to decide which alarm sellers they want to deal with, making customer feedback on your radio alarms critical to your business. Their ‘Order defect rate’ (ODR) monitors overall seller performance, including the percentage of orders that have received a negative review. So what can you do to manage your customer feedback and avoid a disaster for your brand, rating and your bottom line?

Time and scales

If you are selling speakers and headphones, as well as radio alarms, there could be mountains of feedback to go through. Negative feedback can slip through the cracks, even when it’s not your fault. Maybe the feedback is there because the customer was attempting to submit a product review, or even to report an Amazon shipping failure? If you need to manually go through each case, then you risk a delay in requesting negative feedback removal, that is not the result of your actions as a seller. In the meantime, this could have a real effect on not only your seller rating, but how attractive your electronics appear to buyers.

Act now to improve profits

What if there was a way to save time and effort and keep on top of potentially damaging feedback? AMZSuite’s Feedback Sentry automatically monitors a seller’s account for negative or neutral feedback in real-time, and quickly submits a removal request for any unwarranted feedback. Ratings and future profits are saved!




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