Want to maximise your Amazon Seller revenue?


Running a successful business on Amazon? If you are a Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) seller, then you rely on Amazon to store your precious doggy dishes, photo frames, USB cables or whatever else you sell in one of their 28 fulfilment centers, then carefully pick, pack, ship, and provide excellent customer service for those in need of your product.

What happens when something goes wrong?

The convenience of using Amazon’s automated process should save you time and money, but technologically advanced as Amazon are, they are not infallible. Which means that you could be losing opportunities to recover lost revenue and improve your seller profile. FBA forums are full of instances warning sellers against relying solely on Amazon’s processes and the potential costs to your business. So what can you do to reduce your costs and maximise your seller income?

Lost or damaged inventory

You are proud of your hard work in building a successful business, but remember that a company as huge as Amazon will store your products together with millions of other items from all over the world. Inevitably, some of those products will get damaged or lost. If you stock more than one line with Amazon, you could be faced with long hours spent trawling through paperwork to try and find exactly which of your products have been damaged. You then need to manually open a case with Amazon Support, to start what can be a time-consuming process to claim reimbursement for each item. The process will then need following up and repeating for each new loss or case of damage.

There is a way

There is a quicker and more cost-effective way to track any damages and recover what could be lost income for your business. You can automate the entire process and save yourself both stress and money by using AMZSuite’s Inventory Salvager. It will track your products from inventory to problems, and even open and monitor a claim for you, leaving you time to focus on the important things like sales and customers, not stress.




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