Recovering Revenue through Lost Amazon Refunds


Recovering Revenue Through Lost Amazon Refund Reimbursement

Your customer ordered one of your most popular items: an adorable, voice-activated, singing monkey in an Elvis outfit that belts out “Love Me Tender” on demand. People love it, and it sells well. Despite it’s frivolity, it’s a well-made figure with cutting-edge voice recognition electronics and high-quality sound. It’s not a casual purchase for many people as it sells for $249.99.

Not Working as Described

Your customer didn’t have an Amazon account for long when he ordered the lovable monkey, and after a week, he asked Amazon for a refund. “Not working as described,” was the reason he gave. Amazon processed the refund and withheld the purchase price from your account immediately. Although the customer had 45 days to send the monkey back, it never made its way home. Maybe he forgot, or perhaps he set out to scam you from the beginning. Whatever the case, to add insult to injury, Amazon forgot to return the withheld funds to you.

Slipped Through the Cracks

So, now you have to submit a reimbursement request. But here’s the rub: You sell hundreds of these Elvis impersonators every month. It would take hours to go through Amazon refund reconciliation to see what has actually been returned and what has not, trying to figure out what has slipped through the cracks. Take a look at any popular Amazon FBA forum, and you’ll find sellers lamenting this very situation many times over.

Part of the Game

Although refunds are part of the game, they take up one of your most valuable commodities — your time. You’ll agree Amazon has some amazing technology, but mistakes and oversights happen. You need a tool that helps you lasso loose refunds that somehow got away from the rest of the herd like a lost calf. Manually filing claims means you have to sit around and wait through another lengthy delay until you get the missing funds back in your account.

Watches Like a Hawk

AMZSuite’s Refund Rescuer is that tool. It’s like a patient hawk operating silently in the background, overseeing the claims process from the time an item is submitted by the customer as a return. It tracks the refund immediately and counts down the 45-day return grace period. What happens if, as in the case of your lonely monkey who never came home, the item doesn’t get returned, and Amazon doesn’t refund your cash? Refund Rescuer opens a case for you with Amazon automatically and asks for the credit to be issued.

Opens a Case for You

Every refund initiated is logged. The software scrutinizes the list of refund items and compares it to a list of returns actually received by Amazon. When an item like your furry Elvis singer is never returned, the application searches for the related credit Amazon made to you. By this time, the program has automatically checked three different transaction logs and carefully examined shipments, credits and reimbursements. If Amazon failed to give you a credit, it opens a case to ask for it to be added to your account.

Saves Time and Money

As an experienced Amazon FBA seller, you’ve been around the block. You know the ins and outs of the business and run a tight ship. The problem is you only have so much time in the day to get everything done. Why stress out? Pros use automation tools to help them be more efficient. Don’t leave money on the table that is rightfully yours. Find out how our Refund Rescuer can save you time and trouble.




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