Simple Tips for Launching Amazon Products


Seasoned Amazon sellers will be acutely aware of how difficult it can be to launch a new product on this huge online marketplace!

Regardless of whether you are selling the US or Europe, there are literally millions of products being sold by both Amazon Retail and competing Amazon sellers- cutting through the noise can, therefore, seem impossible.

There are however some best practices a new Amazon seller can follow to give themselves the best chance of gaining exposure and maximise their amazon profits.

Fulfilment by Amazon

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a competitively priced fulfilment service whereby Amazon sellers send their stock into Amazon’s fulfilment centre.

When an order is placed, Amazon automatically pick, pack, and ship the product on your behalf. Whilst never explicitly communicated by Amazon, using FBA is rumoured to increase your ranking on the site, since Amazon can guarantee a certain level of service.

Certainly, one big advantage is that being on FBA increases Amazon sellers’ exposure to Prime customers: Amazon’s most loyal customers, who pay a subscription for free next – or in some cases, same – day delivery.

Sponsored Products:

Sponsored Products is Amazon’s version of pay per click advertising.

Just like Google PPC, you bid on keywords relevant to your product to be found on the first page of Amazon.

This is a great way for to be found by customers as a means to generate those initial few sales. You can always turn this feature off once regular sales are coming in.

Customer Reviews:

One key element of the Amazon product ranking algorithm is customer reviews. It is definitely in the interest of a new Amazon seller to gain as many five star reviews as possible, both to increase rank and gain the trust of new customers. It is perfectly fine to ask customers for their honest feedback after they have received their order.

Implementing the above will provide a firm grounding for the launch of a new product on Amazon. As your Amazon business grows, it will inevitably become more difficult to manage inventory, returns, refunds, feedback, and so on. At this point, you may wish to consider leveraging a tool such as AMZSuite which automates such processes and helps protect you against lost revenue by forgetting to follow up on such tasks.




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